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OCA: Oppy by Jymaru OCA: Oppy by Jymaru
Name Oppy
Age ?? (??/??)
Gender Female (she/her/hers)
Species Artificia (Deity)

Form Elementary School
Grade Kindergarden

Strong Subjects
+ Horticulture
+ Hospitality
+ Music
Weak Subjects
- Literature
- Arts
- Gym

Personality Cheery, bubbly, and completely chipper about 99.9% of the time. If she gets sad, you know about it, because she will probably cry. Claims to be 6. Has claimed to be 6 since 2008. Has never grown. We do not know how old she actually is. Keep her away from writing and drawing at all costs. She doesn't know about her power, and has simply accepted the fact that no one will allow her to draw or write. People kinda feel sorry for her because she'd probably be really good at it if given the chance, but we don't want to risk a repeat of 2009. Is prone to occasionally talking to the narrator, thus breaking the fourth wall. Best buddies with Sikara
History Oppy was created by Project Deity in 2008 on Estridia, and was stolen away by Suzume after her movement was taken from her. She travelled with Suzume on almost all of his adventures, though he left her behind for her own safety when universe-hopping, and found herself being stolen from him more and more from 2013 onwards, starting at the Battalion of Death, and ending with her being reclaimed from Alex by Suzume's task force on their first infiltration of the SCSS Unity. Earned a feather for bravery and honor from Great Friend after refusing to give up or back down. No one is completely sure when she recovered her movement, as she herself has forgotten, and she still prefers riding around on people's backs. Wants to go revisit Candyland one day
Oppy can manipulate reality by drawing and writing. She can use this to create situations, beings, even entire continuums, though she has no idea that she can do any of this. Due to this power, she has been forbidden from drawing and writing

Immortality - Complete, Regenerative
Oppy cannot be killed or die of natural causes, and any injuries she sustains will heal quickly... after she's stopped crying over her latest boo-boo

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August 29, 2014
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